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Part Number: 63-2BSCRKT


The screw kit includes all the screws you need to replace the fasteners on your Max-Prop. If you ever damage a screw or just want shiny new ones this will get you what you need.

Kit Includes:
  • 4 - 6 screws
  • 6 endcap screws
  • 10 - 12 cotter pins
  • 3 zinc screws
  • 2 zerc plugs
  • 1 zerc riser
  • Allen wrences

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Mike Reed
Screw Kit Contents

The kit arrived on time but the contents were a bit disappointing. Along with screws for my 3 blade MaxiProp Classic the kit contained other screws that I didn't need. They were not labeled and the was no list included indicating what they might be for. That caused confusion when reassembling my prop.
Additionally, a person would likely be ordering this kit when servicing a prop so it would have been nice to have pins for the shaft nut as they are small and easy to loose when cleaning the old grease out. I lost one and needed to get it quickly but that process was disappointing and took 4 days to arrive. A 40¢ part caused an expensive delay in getting my boat back in the water. PYI - not up to your standards!

Raymond Taylor
Cruising spares

Ordered the screw kit for our prop as spares. I was uncertain which kit we needed but got quick customer service help. Ordered several items in the past always the same. Good knowledgeable help.

Ricardo H Brau
Screw Kits

After ordering I received the propeller screw kits promptly. Very happy with the service.

Ronald Tomallo
Great customer service.

I had an installation problem with an older Maxprop that had been installed on my boat. I received good advice and they had the parts I needed.

Tom Nicol
Nice to have a complete set of spares

Very useful when needed.

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