Max-Prop Grease Kit


Part Number: MPGRKIT


Max-Props should be greased once a year. This can be done in or out of the water. If the boat is in the water year round you should have a diver in the water at least once a year check anodes; they can grease the propeller at that time. Or, if the boat is hauled every year, it is easy to grease it while it is out of the water. We recommend Lubriplate 130 AA grease.


This Grease Kit includes:

  • (1) Grease gun
  • (1) 10oz tube of Lubriplate 130-AA Grease
  • (1) Zerc riser
  • (2) Zerc plug
  • (1) #3 allen wrench

Customer Reviews

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As usual, very fast delivery

Just great

Merci beaucoup

Maintenance Supplies

I've been dealing with PYI for about 10 years I recently ordered a maintenance kit to perform regular service on my maxi prop, The prop works extremely well. . Digs in going backward no problem as well as forward. Just as important it reliably feathers while under sail. It really makes a big difference in speed. Because I have a long prop shaft, I do take care to carefully clean the prop before every season so it stays properly balanced.
The kit came with all necessary parts include grease gun, grease, etc. As usual, PYI promptly filled my order. And yes, it was an easy chore to re-grease my prop. Very straightforward to mount on the prop and pump the grease via the fitting. Others in the industry could learn from PYI>

Didn't Work With My Classic Two-Blade

On advice from my trusted running gear expert, I ordered a grease kit. Upon receipt, I looked for a zerk fitting that would fit into the recessed holes for the bolts on my 80's classic two-blade. Nothing in the product description indicated that the kit wouldn't fit. Out $40. I shipped the whole prop assembly to Jerome for reconditioning and the addition of a port for a zerk fitting. That prop was so difficult to grease that the previous owners never did. Had I not taken it apart, I would have never known how dry and loose one blade was. You may want to add to the description that the grease kit doesn't fit discontinued props.

Hello David, Thank you for your recent review of the Max-Prop Grease Kit. I'm sorry to hear that the Max-Prop Grease Kit didn't work on your two blade Max-Prop Classic. On some Max-Prop Classic's from 1990 and before do not have grease ports on them. The recessed holes you had mentioned are not for the grease but rather bolt the two halves of the body together. After speaking with Jerome, he is going to install a grease port which will allow you to grease your propeller in the future.
Great customer service!

They took time to sort out what i needed and the shipping (to Canada) was very fast.



Everything went great will definitely order here again!

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