Max-Prop Grease


Part Number: LU-130


Max-Props should be greased once a year. This can be done in or out of the water. If the boat is in the water year round you should have a diver in the water at least once a year check anodes; they can grease the propeller at that time. Or, if the boat is hauled every year, it is easy to grease it while it is out of the water. We recommend Lubriplate 130 AA grease.

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Great product, excellent customer service

Great product, excellent customer service

Richard Boisvert

Max-Prop Grease

Jon Mos
Come for the service stay for the grease

I give this grease MAX PROPS!! It’s really great grease. You can screw it on your grease gun or use it right out of the tube, either way you spread it, it really lasts, protects the equipment and increases its performance and life.

The service at PYI is second to none. I’m out cruising in remote locations and PYI did everything to make sure I was on my way. The shipping was super fast and the phone support was amazingly helpful.

Ronald Tomallo
Good grease for use submerged.

Good grease for the application and helpful advice on prop maintenance via phone.

Tom Bright
Quick! But not exactly correct

I ordered what I thought was the correct screw kit for my MaxProp Classic. I got something that had screws too short and an extra screw that isn’t in the Classic. I’d included a note in the order specifying Max Prop Classic. I guess it wasn’t seen. They were very prompt.

But i had to get the boat back in the water also I used the old screws.

These guys are really helpful! In haste, we disassembled the prop without noting settings. The guys there gave me what they believed to be the correct settings for my boat and motor configuration. I just relaunched and it feels spot on. Thanks.

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