• 3 and 4 blade 63 & 90mm zinc box
  • 3 and 4 blade 70 & 99mm zinc box
  • 3 and 4 blade 83 & 110mm zinc box
  • 2 blade 63mm zinc box

Zinc Anode Kits

  • Description

    Help protect your Max-Prop with a Zinc Anode. Make sure that you always keep the Anodes in good condition. They must be replaced at least once a year.

    The Max-Prop Anode has a metal ring molded into it. This metal ring goes around the entire diameter where the screws attach the Anode to the propeller. This ring disburses the electrical current through the entire Anode giving it a much longer life.

    Even with the metal ring PYI recommends when installing the zinc that you clean the flat surface of the zinc and the back of the propeller so that you will have good contact between the zinc and the prop. This will greatly increase the life of the Anode.

    PYI sells only Mil Spec Anodes. Individual Anodes do not come with screws.

    Prepping your propeller?

    Check out the Barnacle Dissolver to clean your propeller. It's a safe easy way to clean the barnacles off your propeller.

  • This Zinc Anode Kit Includes:
    • 3 zinc anodes
    • 3 zinc screws
    • 2 allen wrenches

    Brand: Max-Prop

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