KiwiGrip Non-Skid Paint


Part Number: KG-1WP-R


KiwiGrip is a water-based product that needs to be kept above freezing temperatures when in the pouch/can to remain usable. Because of this, air freight is recommended when ordering and shipping KiwiGrip between the months October 15th – April 15th, when temperatures are likely to dip below freezing. Please note that if you select ground transportation during these freeze windows, you are doing so at your own risk. PYI will not be held responsible for any loss of product due to any unforeseen freezing conditions. Should you wish to source KiwiGrip locally to avoid potential freezing, please review our KiwiGrip Dealer Map to find your nearest distributor. Please check back often as new stores, chandleries, yards, and contractors are being added frequently.

* When storing leftover KiwiGrip for re-coat purposes, be sure to keep it above freezing. This will ensure that it will be good to use when needed.

  • Description

    KiwiGrip is a revolutionary, durable, non-toxic, non-skid coating that spreads quickly and easily with our proprietary roller, offering a beautiful, high traction surface. By varying the application technique, the texture can be adjusted from a rolled pleasure boat texture to an industrial aggressive workboat texture. As a homogeneous material, KiwiGrip doesn't suffer from the problems encountered with products filled with sand, walnut shells, beads, rubber fleck, or other fillers. Coatings with fillers tend to wear through, and the fillers fall out leaving an unsafe deck that's hard to clean and even harder to re-coat.

    Sherwin Williams Color Equivalents
    KiwiGrip Color Sherwin Williams Color Color Code Swatch Location
    White Extra White SW7006 257-C1
    Light Grey Olympic White SW6253 234-C1
    Cream Tea Light SW7681 294-C2
    Blue Quench Blue SW6875 167-C1

    Please call us (425-355-3669) for scratched and dented KiwiGrip can inventory, sold at a 10% discount!

  • Coverage

    A 1 liter can of KiwiGrip will cover about 20 square feet.

    A 4 liter can will cover about 80 square feet.

  • Includes
    • 1 can of KiwiGrip (1L or 4L available)
    • 4" Roller
  • Shipping

    KiwiGrip is a water-based product that will be destroyed if frozen in the puch/can. We try not to ship the product in the wintertime when temperatures are cold enough to freeze. However, if you do purchase KiwiGrip during the cold months we recommend shipping this item by air. Or check out our KiwiGrip dealer map and locate a dealer near you. If you purchase KiwiGrip from the PYI webstore between October 1st and April 15th, you are doing so at your own risk. PYI Inc. will not be held responsible for damage due to freezing.

    KiwiGrip has a good network of distributors in place all over the world to help the end-user mitigate this issue, as well as save time and money in shipping costs by finding the product locally. Our network is expanding quickly to ensure more and more stores, chandleries, distributors and contractors have it available. Please be sure to keep your spare cans of KiwiGrip from freezing so it can be used for repairs and recoats later down the road.

"We are very pleased with the results, The deck looks great and a single coat covered the unevenly colored deck (mostly white with brown patches of epoxy where I'd made repairs). Here is a tip other customers might find helpful. I used a 4" plastic squeegee-type slotted trowel to evenly spread the goop before my wife rolled in the texture using the roller. It allowed me to spread an even layer and worked quite well. Thanks."

- Gary Morgan-Gohlke, S/V Ruach, Seabrook, Texas

"KiwiGrip was a dream to use. It is a quick, no-mess way of cleaning up tired old decks and applying a superior non-skid finish. It covered all of the spots where I have moved deck fittings and filled the unwanted holes with epoxy. They literally vanish under KiwiGrip. So far my KiwiGrip decks have endured record heat, kids, burning embers, beer, ice, snow, and sea otters without a mark. My next boat will also have KiwiGrip on the decks."

- Brad Urie, Nanaimo, BC

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
James Jensen
Great product!!!

Worked awesome and it worked even better after I watched a You Tube video on how to best apply the non-skid paint.

Joseph Wilson

Fantastic stuff. I can stand up on the bow and troll all day. I love it!

Jim Schulz
Easy to use and quick shipping

Received our shipment really quickly and the paint was easy to use. Looking forward to getting back on the water!

Matthew Cochran
Great Product!

Make sure and do all the prep work needed. Then applying it is very easy. I’m very happy with the results.

Saylor Guy
Great Stuff

I went with Kiwi Grip because I wanted something that looked good, had good grip, and was easy to apply. Kiwi Grip has been all of that. Its super easy to apply and it's also easy to change the level of texture you want. I've been on it in wet and dry conditions and i feel very planted to my boat. I'll be buying more from PYI when it comes time to recoat, but I don't think that will be for quite a few years! (The picture is the cream color)

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