Damper Plates

R&D Marine Damper Drive Plates are designed to prevent gearbox rattle at low engine speeds, which allows an engine to operate through its entire RPM range. Today’s marine diesels are designed with lightweight flywheels which do not create the inertia of an older heavy flywheel. The lighter flywheels result in gear chatter or rattle at low RPM’s. This rattle translates into gear wear and damage to the drivetrain. Our damper plates eliminate this problem.

All R&D Damper Plates use a molded polyurethane element to absorb the engine torque. The fail safe design of the plate ensures that even in the unlikely event of a flexible element failure (from severe shock load), the drivetrain system would remain functional. The back plates for the R&D Marine damper plates are punched and ready to install. They can be installed within the existing space of a metal spring damper.


R&D Marine Damper Plate details
Vibration Isolation

The R&D Marine Damper Drive Plates reduce gear noise by preventing transmission rattle at low engine speed and allows the engine to run at lower speeds.

Durable Design

No springs to rust or fret. The flexible element is designed to withstand increased temperatures and are not affected by salt water, diesel and lubrication oils.

Wide Range of Stock

Damper Plates to fit most engine and gearbox combinations for engines up to 800 horsepower and torque range from 60 - 1,400 ft/lbs.

Easy Installation

The R&D Marine Damper Drive Plate requires no machining and is ready to bolt to the flywheel.

Damper plate installation

Element Types

Transmission Manufacturers

We offer R&D Marine Damper Plates for these transmission manufacturers.

R&D Marine Damper Plate for Borg Warner
Borg Warner
R&D Marine Damper Plate for Newage PRM
Newage PRM
R&D Marine Damper Plate for Technodrive
R&D Marine Damper Plate for TMP
Twin Disc
Twin Disc
R&D Marine Damper Plate for Volvo
R&D Marine Damper Plate for Yanmar
R&D Marine Damper Plate for ZF Hurth


To order a R&D Marine Damper Plate please contact us via our contact page.

What's Needed To Place An Order?

There are a few pieces of information you need to know in order to place an order. Information such as:

Engine: Make, model, max horsepower and max RPM?
Transmission: Make, model and number of teeth on input spline?
Backing Plate: Diameter, number of holes, pitch circle diameter? (PCD / 12:00 to 6:00, center of hole to center of hole)