Flexible Shaft Couplings

The R&D Marine Flexible Shaft Coupling will isolate vibration and compensate for some misalignment between the transmission output flange and the shaft coupling. This is accomplished by staggering the bolts rather than rigidly connecting the couplings, so a Flex-Coupling would have 8 bolts for a 4 bolt flange. While fitting the element, we will bolt the aft steel strap to the transmission output flange and the forward steel strap to the shaft coupling. This creates a fail-safe so that in the event of a severe propeller impact, the element will act as a shear pin to protect your transmission and the drivetrain will not separate. The polyurethane elements are machined, not molded, to ensure precision tolerances and are sized according to the HP/100 RPM at the shaft. R&D Flexible Shaft Couplings are produced for all major manufacturers including Borg-Warner, Twin Disc, Volvo, Yanmar (Kanzaki), ZF, Hurth, Newage, Allison, and more.

If you have any questions please contact us! Find out how the R&D Marine Flexible Shaft Coupling compares to other brands in our blog, "R&D Marine Flexible Shaft Coupling vs. Other Brands".

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