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The screw kit includes all the screws you need to replace the fasteners on your Max-Prop. If you ever damage a screw or just want shiny new ones this will get you what you need.

Kit Includes:
  • 4 - 6 screws
  • 6 endcap screws
  • 10 - 12 cotter pins
  • 3 zinc screws
  • 2 zerc plugs
  • 1 zerc riser
  • Allen wrences

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Sterrett
Always Great!


Robert Mueller
Max Prop Propeller Screws

I replaced all of my fastener hardware and greased up my Max Prop with a kit from PYI. The delivery was timely and the fasteners worked well. Note that the cotter pins must be manually trimmed to 1/4 inch as they are supplied without trimming.

Jean Daniel Amesse
Great service and quick delivery, as always

Hard to Come across a company that offers such a rapid and professional service these days. Thanks again for the attention to details and reaching out to confirm we had the right parts.

detlef fassnacht

The service desk info was very good. Thanks

Mike Reed
Screw Kit Contents

The kit arrived on time but the contents were a bit disappointing. Along with screws for my 3 blade MaxiProp Classic the kit contained other screws that I didn't need. They were not labeled and the was no list included indicating what they might be for. That caused confusion when reassembling my prop.
Additionally, a person would likely be ordering this kit when servicing a prop so it would have been nice to have pins for the shaft nut as they are small and easy to loose when cleaning the old grease out. I lost one and needed to get it quickly but that process was disappointing and took 4 days to arrive. A 40¢ part caused an expensive delay in getting my boat back in the water. PYI - not up to your standards!