PSS PRO Maintenance Kits - For 32mm to 80mm Shafts


Part Number: 07-32M-134PR

  • Description

    As with any rubber / silicone hose below waterline, the PSS PRO bellow must be inspected on a regular basis for any signs of wear, aging or chemical deterioration. PYI suggests preventative maintenance with a precautionary replacement recommendation in 8-10 year intervals. During bellow replacement it is recommended that the o-rings & set screws in the stainless steel rotor also be replaced.

    Please be sure to never use the same set screw on the shaft twice. There are two set screws in each of the two holes in the stainless steel rotor. One is tightened onto the shaft and the other is tightened onto the first to lock it in place against the shaft. The set screws are made with a cup at the base that compresses into the shaft ensuring a secure grip. PYI's PSS Maintenance Kit comes with five new set screws included. When re-installing the rotor please use new set screws. In the case that you do not have spare set screws, the set screws in the rotor need to be reversed so there is an unused cup being compressed onto the shaft.

  • Includes

    PYI offers a PSS PRO Maintenance Kit that includes the items you need to properly maintain your PSS PRO Shaft Seal. Included in the kit is:

    1. Silicone Bellow - 1qty
    2. Bellow rings – 3qty (Standard on sizes 2-1/4" (60mm) to 3-3/4" (95mm) and optional for smaller sizes)
    3. Nitrile o-rings - 2qty
    4. 316SS Hose clamps - 4qty
    5. Tube of Thread Lock - 1qty
    6. Allen key - 1qty
  • Documents
    1. PSS Type A Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    2. PSS PRO Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    3. PSS Type B Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    4. PSS Shaft Seal Warranty

How Does It Work?

1. Two nitrile o-rings seal the stainless steel rotor to the shaft and will not experience wear.

2. A primary set screw and a backup set screw (2 sets) are used to secure the stainless steel rotor to the shaft.

3. A seal is created between the two mating faces of the carbon stator and the stainless steel rotor.

4. Raw water is fed to the PSS Shaft Seal for cooling / lubricating the seal faces on high speed vessels.

5. The stationary carbon stator is attached to the bellow, which is secured to the stern tube (shaft log).

6. The Shaft Retention Collar is attached to the shaft and helps retain the propeller or rudder shaft in your vessel in the event of catastrophic failure of the coupling or if the shaft comes free from the coupling.

7. Stainless steel rings are fit to the bellow for increased strength, support and durability. External rings come standard on sizes 2-1/4" (60mm) to 3-3/4" (95mm) and optional for smaller sizes.

8. 316SS hose clamps with rolled edges and non-perforated band.

9. Hose clamp tail protection, Clamp Jackets.

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