Part Number: 07-KIT-012

  • Description

    PYI offers T-Kits to help facilitate the installation of the PSS Shaft Seal. These T-Kits enable the installer to tee into the raw water discharge hose and plumb water to the hose barb fitting of the PSS Shaft Seal. Some examples of water pick-up points are:

    1. Between the heat exchanger and riser.
    2. Between oil cooler and heat exchanger
    3. Between the water pump and oil cooler

    Before ordering measure the inside diameter of the cooling hose which you intend to tee off from before ordering!

    Examples of Power Boat Installations
    Example of an installation on a power boat. 
  • T-Kit Includes
    1. T-Fitting
    2. 6' of 3/8" hose
    3. Four hose clamps
  • T-Kit Hose Dimensions & Part Numbers
    Inside Hose Diameter Part Number
    1/2" 07-KIT-012
    3/4" 07-KIT-034
    1" 07-KIT-100
    1-1/4" 07-KIT-114
    1-1/2" 07-KIT-112
  • Documents
    1. PSS Type A Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    2. PSS PRO Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    3. PSS Type B Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    4. PSS Shaft Seal Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Product quality

PYI pays attention to detail and provides a complete well manufactured product. An item of note that is indicative of their work is the rubber end covers on the hose clamps. Awesome!



1 1/4" barb with a 3/8" T

the previous owner tied the drip-less log into the heat riser where the anodes go so now tap into the feed to the heat riser with a small filter


Thank you for addressing the shipping issue and refund.

Shaft seal cooling issue correction using T adapters from PYI.

The T adapter Kits helped me sort out a cooling water issue on a couple of shaft seals installed on a 130’ Motoryacht.

We tested them navigating from the USVI’s to West Palm Beach, reducing around 30 F on cooling temperature each seal.

Now meeting with the Captain to retrofit the boat with PSS Shaft Seals.

Thanks PYI.

Best Regards,

Alejandro Mora

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