O-Ring Kit


Part Number: 07-N03-4

  • Description

    Overtime you may find that you need to replace the o-rings inside the stainless steel rotor of your PSS Shaft Seal. This kit comes with everything you need to get the job done.


    • Allen wrench
    • Set screws x5
    • O-rings x2
    • Clamp Jackets x4
    • Thread lock

    Important Note: Be sure to never use the same set screw on the shaft twice. There are two set screws in each of the two holes in the stainless steel rotor. One is tightened onto the shaft, and the other is tightened onto the first lock it in place against the shaft. The set screws are made with a cup at the base that compresses into the shaft, ensuring a secure grip.

  • Documents
    1. PSS Type A Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    2. PSS PRO Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    3. PSS Type B Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    4. PSS Shaft Seal Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
PSS shaft seal parts

Was impressed with technical advice

randal ebberson


Kip Ashton
Parts Department Rocks

I had some questions before I placed an order. Called the parts department and they professionally walked me through what I needed and what I did not. With this, I was able to order the exact parts. The order was shipped the same day and everything happened like it should have. Well done PYI!

Michael Boros
Excellent Products and Service

PYI not only makes exceptional products, but their tech support is outstanding! Thank you!

Jacob Newton
Good products

Been using the pyi dripless packing on our commercial fishing boat in alaska for a long time and they are an excellent product . my o ring kits were shipped fast and i have no complaints

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