Carbon Stator


Part Number: 07-100-2B

  • Description

    A carbon stator is connected to the rubber below and 'floats' around the shaft. The face of the carbon is finished to a flatness of 4 helium light bands and provides a water-tight seal when pressed against the stainless steel rotor.

    The high density, resin impregnated carbon/graphite stator is a space-age composite that is first mixed, molded, and then formed under pressure. The blanks are then baked, machined, and lapped. The face of our carbon is finished to a flatness of 4 helium light bands (measured .000044" of variation over the entire lapped surface). The grade of carbon used in the PSS has an operating temperature of over 500° Fahrenheit (+260° Celsius), and cannot melt if the seal runs dry, unlike a rubber lip seal or plastic face seal. The high density of the carbon greatly increases the longevity and wear resistance. Several commercial vessels have recorded over 40,000 (over 4-1/2 years of continuous operation) engine hours on the same, original components. The carbon should not need to be replaced under normal operating conditions.

    • Carbon stator
    • Hose barb fittings (pre-installed)
  • Documents
    1. PSS Type A & PRO Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    2. PSS Type B Shaft Seal Installation Instructions
    3. PSS Shaft Seal Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Finding the right size

Advisors at PYI Inc answered all of my questions and were extremely helpful. Highly recommend this product and Company

Daniel Charak

Carbon Stator

David Smith
Carbon Stator review

The PYI Stator was made of high quality materials and the vent is made of steel. I would insist on USPS then Canada Post for my delivery. UPS brokerage cost $65 is inappropriate.

Jason Grauf
Good experience

No problems got exactly what I ordered in a reasonable time thanks

PYI is Customer Centered

I ordered a un-keyed shaft flange from PYI but didn't see that my shaft was keyed. Also it appeared that when I ordered the flange bore as 1 inch, I was sent a 1.25 inch bore.

After talking with Miles at PYI, I was told to send the incorrect shaft flange back for a correct 1 inch bore, keyed flange. No hassles, no issues, just send it back and they will send out the correct one. My opinion of PYI is that they want to ensure you have the correct solution to your need.

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