PSS Shaft Seal - For 3/4" to 2-3/4" Shafts


Part Number: 02-034-114

Note: When using a PSS Shaft Seal as a rudder seal you may opt to plug the hose barb fitting. Please indicate in the "Note To PYI" text field on the check out page that you would like this plugged.


The PSS Shaft Seal is the #1 selling marine mechanical seal worldwide and is installed as standard equipment by many of the worlds most reputable boat builders and boat yards. The PSS Shaft Seal is also recognized as the premiere retrofit (aftermarket) seal on the world market. Boat builders and boat yards recognize the advantages and value of installing the PSS as it eliminates the maintenance, constant adjustment & cost associated with traditional packing type glands. Aside from these benefits, the PSS Shaft Seal helps to eliminate water in the bilge (100% water tight) & wear to the propeller shaft.

  • ABS Certified
  • RINA Certified
  • Bureau Veritas Certified

How Does It Work?

1. Two nitrile o-rings seal the stainless steel rotor to the shaft and will not experience wear.

2. A primary set screw and a backup set screw (2 sets) are used to secure the stainless steel rotor to the shaft.

3. A seal is created between the two flat surfaces of the carbon stator and the stainless steel rotor.

4. Water is fed into the PSS Shaft Seal for cooling/lubricating the seal faces on high speed vessels.

5. The stationary carbon stator is attached to the nitrile bellow, which is attached to the stern tube (shaft log).

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
PSS Shaft Seal - for 1" to 2" Shaft of SS Olza

Quick delivery and already installed and tested on static position as we are still waiting for new rubber mounts and flexible coupling to put back the engine in place & test the seal at high tide with engine running.

Replaced original dripless

Pyi dripless installed as described. Product very robust, anticipate on problems. Had concerns with loading the stainless collar ,very tight quarters in engine room. Was able to get loading by dry fitting in place then moving shaft forward 1" ,sliding stainless steel collar back against carbon, thighting collar set screws, then sliding shaft back in place(1") then thighting shaft collar back to transmission.

winter project

This unit will replace a 12 year old PSS Shaft Seal that has seen many hours of use.
The best recommendation I can give is by purchasing the same unit again.


So far all is good will know more about the seal as time passes


I have had this product before and find them very high-quality

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