PSS Maintenance Kits - For 65mm to 95mm Shafts


Part Number: 07-85M-514R

  • Description

    As with any rubber hose below waterline, the PSS bellows must be inspected on a regular basis for any sign of wear, aging or chemical deterioration. PYI suggests preventative maintenance. The PSS bellow should be replaced in six year intervals. During bellows replacement it is recommended the o-rings & set screws in the stainless steel rotor also be replaced.

    Bellows may need to be more frequently inspected in an environment where non-sealed batteries emit sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid vapor will accelerate rubber deterioration, as will an ozonater.


    Please be sure to never use the same set screw on the shaft twice. There are two set screws in each of the two holes in the stainless steel rotor. One is tightened onto the shaft and the other is tightened onto the first to lock it in place against the shaft. The set screws are made with a cup at the base that compresses into the shaft ensuring a secure grip. PYI's PSS Maintenance Kit comes with five new set screws included. When re-installing the rotor please use new set screws. In the case that you do not have spare set screws, the set screws in the rotor need to be reversed so there is an unused cup being compressed onto the shaft.

  • Includes

    PYI offers a Maintenance Kit that includes the items you need to properly maintain your PSS Shaft Seal. Included in the kit is:

    • 1 Bellow
    • 2 o-rings
    • 5 Set screws
    • 4 Hose clamps
    • 1 Tube of thread lock
    • 1 Allen key


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Tricky install

Overall, happy customer. That said, besides the never easy shaft coupler removal, the PSS presented difficulties of its own. The stern tube end of the bellows came fitted with an insert. Trying to fit the bellows on the stern tube with the insert present felt impossible. After a struggle, I realized the insert could be removed and installed first and the followed by the bellows proper (light soap and water still needed). Instructions on this (nothing on YT or website) would have saved me some time. Neighbor in the boat yard was installing one for the first time and I was able to share my new found wisdom with him. The other issue was a slipping hose clamp. One clamp wanted to slip off the stern tube when tightened. Customer service told me to clean clamp and bellows as the clamp may have arrived oily. Appears okay now. This review is for a service kit install. Cheers.

dripless shaft seal

I installed the maintenance kit. It's a bit difficult to pull the shaft coupling to replace ths bellows, but once it's off the installation was relatively easy.


excellent +++


PSS Maintenance Kits - For 3/4" to 2-3/4" Shafts

Quick shipment of PSS maintenance kit

Thanks for the quick response on my seal kit.

I am in the market for a feathering prop for my Catalina 34 MKii with 35 HP at 3,000 rpm and 1.79:1 forward gear ratio. What is your recommendation and price for a 3 bladed Max Prop "Easy". Diameter and Pitch? Any customer feedback on vibrations or need to re-pitch? Any reliability difference versus Classic? I asked the same question several weeks ago using your web site with no answer.

This Catalina would use a 15' diameter propeller and we would set it at 10.3' (20 degree) pitch. For this boat I would suggest using the 85 Hub, as the blades have more surface area than the 78 Hub and the price difference is very minimal ($150.00). This propeller retails for $3,050.00. A three blade propeller will always have less vibration than a two blade and a four blade, less vibration than a three blade. Any pitch adjustment can easily be made by a diver. The Easy is very popular and has proven to be just as reliable as the Classic Max-Prop. In sizing this propeller, I went with the slightly larger hub for greater blade surface area but it is a more substantial hub for the HP. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us at 425-355-3669, thank you.

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