Classic Combo Box


Part Number: 63-2BCOMBOX


The Combo Box for Max-Prop Classic models, provides the supplies you will need to service your Max-Prop for quite some time. It includes: 2 Spinner & 2 Endcap Screws, 3 Zinc’s, Grease Gun, 2 Tubes of Grease, 2 Zercs & 2 Plugs, Cotter Pin Set, and Allen Wrenches for your propeller. Please note that this Combo Box is for Max-Prop Classic's only and not Max-Prop Easy models.

This Classic Combo Box Includes:
  • 2 spinner and endcap screws
  • 3 zincs (except for 2 blade Max-Props)
  • 1 grease gun
  • 2 tubes of grease
  • 2 zerc fittings
  • 2 plugs
  • Cotter pin set
  • Allen wrenches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Sills Mario

Classic Combo Box

Nicolas Laplante
Great !

Easy to find and order on the website, fast delivery.

Robert Morrison
PYI Customer Service

Unfortunately, I ordered the incorrect hub size, so I cannot comment on the Classic Combo box, other than to say it was well organized and had everything anyone would need to PM a 68mm Classic Max Prop.

What I can comment on is the outstanding Customer Service I received from PYI Team! I was removing a MaxProp from a recently acquired vessel to perform some maintenance about 10 years deferred. I have never seen a MAXProp, nor had I ever removed a propeller. PYI's instructional videos were outstanding, providing very clear, step-by-step instructions for removal and replacement.

Furthermore, because I wanted to verify the existing configuration of the propellers blade angle was correct, I consulted with PYI team to confirm proper blade angle design, and learned that original settings appeared to be configured for a different transmission gear ratio. Fred Hoffman was exceptionally helpful (as were 2 other PYI staff) in "walking me through" modifying my MAXProp settings. As a DIY MAXProp newbie Fred's instruction provided me the tools (educations & confidence) to execute the job. I cannot be more pleased with the results, which produced a gain of 500 rpm, and an additional 1.5kt boat speed!

The Customer Service and technical support provided by the entire PYI Team was simply extraordinary and while I don't normally write reviews could not help but acknowledge the professionalism and Service "culture" that this organization provides. Thank You PYI !

Paul Boch
Fast and informative responses

Fast and informative responses

Cam Shields
What a JOY dealing with PYI!

Not only are the products excellent in quality but also in engineering and customer service. To receive the products I ordered across the border in two days was extremely impressive. Thank You

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