Tandem Fenders


Size Guide
Fendertex Fender Size Chart
Boat Length

Cylindrical Fender Part #

Spherical Fender Part #

# of Fenders Recommended
(For both sides of the boat)

Tandem Fender Part #
(Can be used in place of a cylindrical fender)

20 - 30 feet
(7 - 9 meters)

C52 -


30 - 43 feet
(9 - 13 meters)

C73 -


43 - 52 feet
(13 - 16 meters)

C84 -


52 - 62 feet
(16 - 19 meters)

C104 -


62 - 98 feet
(19 - 30 meters)

C124 S60


98 - 131 feet
(30 - 40 meters)

C145 S70


131 - 180 feet
(40 - 55 meters)

C175 S80


180 - 230 feet
(55 - 70 meters)

C207 S100


230 - 328 feet
(70 - 100 meters)

C248 S120


* Custom Fendertex fender orders are 50% non-refundable.

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  • The tandem fender is designed for sailboats, both monohulls and catamarans. It's dual tube design prevents it from rolling on itself and protects a larger area than other shaped fenders. The Fendertex® tandem textile fender offers the highest performance protection. They are ultralightweight, easy to handle and can be deflated and folded to minimize storage space.

    • The lightest fender in the world
    • Can be deflated and rolled for stowage
    • Built to withstand an immense amount of pressure
    • Automatically adapts to temperature swings

  • 1 - Technical textile with low elasticity at the ends to compensate for the increase in air volume caused by high temperatures maintains a constant pressure of about 5.1 psi (350 mbh)

    2 - Long side ring

    3 - Highly elastic inner tube, water can be added to act as ballast for the fender

    4 - A technical textile made from polyester with high abrasion resistance. Does not absorb salt, thus avoiding micro scratches on the hull. Easy to clean with water or in a standard washing machine.

    5 - Retention strap to prevent deformation of the collar during compression

    6 - Inflatable suspension collar with a maximum capacity at 1.5 tons of vertical tension

    7 - Suspension strap sewn into a cross for added strength

    8 - 316 stainless steel D-ring

    Temperature Resistance

    Polyester Cover
    284°F (140°C) static
    320°F (160°C) dynamic

    Inner Tube
    293°F (145°C) static
    257°F (125°C) dynamic

    UV Resistance

    The yarn is dyed en masse for optimal UV resistance.

Fendertex Textile Fenders

Fendertex® is the leading manufacturer of inflatable textile fenders for the yachting market. The Fendertex® standard line offers cylindrical, spherical, and tubular fenders. Fendertex® also offers a wide range of customizable textile fenders and accessories.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ben Thomas

Aside from the long wait in delivery. These fenders are well worth the wait and cost. Very happy will purchase again.

Ben Thomas

Although the wait was long for them to be completed and finally shipped, it was well worth it!
These are great fenders. Easy to inflate/deflate and even easier to stow in their rolled up state, taking up far less limited stowage space. I’ll be ordering a couple more as I retire the old bulky fenders. Great product!!!

Excellent Quality

I just received my new FENDERTEX FENDERS with custom embroidered logo. The quality is excellent and they look great! I especially like that they are extra light weight. I’m looking forward using them when my new boat arrives.

David J Pasz

Purchased one C-73 to evaluate, So far so good

Howard Hale
Amazing Product

I had a chance to purchase these at a boat show and wow, this is really a new product I didn't expect.
Not only can you finally customize your fenders. It's easy for my wife to put out while I'm parking the boat.
No longer does she have to lug out the old school heavy dirty fenders.
These are lightweight and store in a small container below deck, In my opinion, product of the year!

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