Pennzoil Dex/Merc ATF


Part No. 2220650

Pennzoil Dex/Merc ATF is the recommended choice by Lecomble & Schmitt themselves. If you're looking for a great hydraulic oil look no further than the Pennzoil Dex/Merc ATF.

Pennzoil Dexron-III Mercon is a new generation petroleum based fluid for automatic and power shift transmissions. It is fully qualified as both a DEXRON-III and MERCON lubricant surpassing General Motors specification 6297-M and Ford specification M2C185A. In addition, DEXRON-III MERCON is an approved Allison C-4 fluid and is qualified as a Caterpillar TO-2 lubricant. To meet the lubrication demands of specialized equipment design, Pennzoil incorporated a "new generation" complex additive system in their DEXRON-III MERCON. Specially selected friction modifiers allow friction retention for long life performance. Enhanced oxidation, thermal stability and corrosion resistance insure long mileage component protection.

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