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Caravel bearings with spiral channels have been tested under the most severe conditions, on vertical test benches, and applying considerable dynamic balancing loads in highly polluted and sandy water taken from the most critical environments. The shaft rotation activates a powerful pumping action supported by the grooves, with a considerably increased fluid velocity and a remarkable cooling, lubricating, and cleaning effect. The shaft is supported all along its length and its entire circumference through these bearings and does not rotate in a polygonal bearing. As a result, vibrations decrease to a negligible level; such an advantage is essential for bearings used on the propeller shafts of large luxury yachts. Thanks to their excellent reliability, these bearings are fit for applications on engines designed to work in very sandy areas or where few opportunities for fast repair and maintenance are available. The radius of spiral channels may vary depending on the shaft diameter and the rotation direction (right or left).

The shape, dimensions and the number of the lubrication channels are designed according to precise mathematical and mechanical principles. For example, the internal design of the rubber surface can be axial, spiral, or helical, with one or more right- or left-hand principles, according to the shaft rotation, to help water in its action of lubrication and cooling of the shaft.

Easy assembling and replacement

Caravel water-lubricated bearings meet every inner and outer tolerance requirement: when needed, they are grinded externally, to be assembled and replaced very fast.

Noise and vibrations damping

Water lubricated bearings are ideal for limiting and controlling vibrations and noise: such a feature plays a vital role in propeller shafts and industrial applications. However, it may happen that turning bodies are not perfectly balanced, or extreme precision is required.

When the shaft's rotation around its axis does not coincide with its geometric center, the rubber's extreme elasticity absorbs the vibrations very effectively. Laboratory tests have proved that vibrations do not spread to the outer shell. The NBR rubber is ideal for preventing damage to the shaft.

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Nathan Brown
Great product as always

Love this company the go to for running gear!

Boxes and bearings

Very satisfied with the equipment and support provided for replacing the stuffing boxes and bearings on my twin screw sportfish.

John Sergel

Unbelievable service from Mike Webber . Thank you for going way out to help. Eric also a great help and Kevin Woody who helped us many times in the past.