Engine Mount Kits for Yanmar


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Size Guide
  • Designed for marine use, accepts propeller and engine thrust in both directions.
  • Offers a fail-safe design.
  • Are height adjustable.
  • Pre-loaded to reduce movement.
  • Slotted holes in the base to assist in alignment.
  • Mount types to fit all applications.

The R&D Marine Engine Mounts are designed specifically for the rigors of marine applications. The mounts are stiff enough to absorb forward and reverse propeller thrust yet soft enough to isolate drivetrain vibrations from the hull.

To help increase the longevity of the mounts, all steel parts are zinc plated and passivated to limit corrosion. The rubber component is covered by an oil shield to protect it from petroleum-based products.

R&D Marine mounts are preloaded based on the combined engine and transmission weight to limit engine movement. To facilitate the ease of installation, the mounts are height adjusting, and the mounting holes in the base of the mount are slotted to assist in the alignment of the drivetrain.


Engine Mount Kit Capacity Per Mount Stud Size F&A Deflection
800YMKIT1 50 - 170 lbs 5/8" 0.09 - 0.21
800YMKIT2 80 - 230 lbs 5/8" 0.09 - 0.21
800YMKIT3 120 - 410 lbs 3/4" 0.09 - 0.21

Customer Reviews

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Glenn Dudley
Always excellent service

Worked with PYI for the last 16 years, always excellent service, answered all my questions and got my orders out on time and the way I needed them shipped. Technical support has been great.

Timothy Moe
Greatest team ever !! @. PYI

Awesome customer service and technical support at the highest engineering level of PYI' s vast marine product inventory is exceptional. !!!!!!!

Paul Bailey
Engine Mounts

Not knowing which type of mounts that were your required, your technical support person went over the various types which was extremely helpful since there were no information available from the engine manufacturer.

N Haggard
Yanmar replacement mounts

Fits and works great!

Ron Ricci
Happy Camper

Great pre-sale customer support!! The mounts were a perfect fit.

I picked these because of the stainless steel shield over the rubber parts. This, along with the coating on the base is a much better design than the Vetus mounts that were replaced. The bolts that hold the mount into the stringers were also replaced since the base is thicker than the old mounts.