Part Number: 07-HYV-ENTKIT


The Taco Hy-vent for sailboats and other low-speed watercraft. This nickel-platted brass vent is to be installed at the end of the vent line. It is a float-style vent/valve that will allow air out, however, restrict water flow in that direction (if any water or backflow is to come up the line from the seal, the vent will close off, keeping the water from entering the engine room). Once the water flow subsides, the float will open allowing air to freely vent. This product is a great option to maintain an air-free system and ensure the engine room stays dry in the event of backflow (from prop wash, unusual external pressure, backing down, etc)

Kit Includes
  • Hy-Vent
  • 3/8" Hose Barb - 1qty.
  • 316L stainless steel hose clamps - 2qty.
  • Clamp Jackets - 2qty.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mike Reed
Ordering Experience

As I was about to do a 6 year maintenance on my dripless shaft seal and MaxiProp and needed a screw set for the prop I also ordered the Hy-Vent to see if it would help keep the engine compartment a bit drier. It arrived on time, has been installed but not thoroughly tested.

Quality Product Backed by

The ordering and shipping process went without issue, and I received my order timely.

The HY-Vent complements the PSS shaft seal perfectly. Installation was a breeze.

Rob Rose
Hy-vent purchase review

Awesome customer service, very knowledgeable. Great experience and quality parts.

Brian Choiniere

You should probably sell the hy-vent valve with every dripless stuffing kit. Up the price to cover it and avoid the issues.

Andrew Rosen
Nice safety valve

Well designed tool to prevent overflow of seawater from shaft seal.

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