Shaft Retention Collar


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We have all heard horror stories of boats sinking when a coupling breaks and the shaft is ripped out of the boat. PYI has a simple solution to assist in keeping the shaft in the boat.

The PYI Shaft Retention Collar is designed to help retain the Propeller or Rudder shaft in your vessel in the event of catastrophic failure of the coupling or if the shaft comes free from the coupling. The double split design provides the maximum in axial holding power with the benefit of quick and efficient assembly with the shaft installed.

Design fully engages the shaft without marring. Easily installed where major disassembly would otherwise be required. Greater axial holding power than set screw or one-piece clamping collars. Effective on hard and soft shafts.

Very simple to retrofit to existing prop shafts and rudder shafts. A cost effective and quick solution that could save thousands.

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Sam Hansz
Great customer service

Thank you, always great people and answer any questions you have.

Ben Smith
Good response, good product. Great service.

Great service, good delivery time.

Anthony Tomoso

Shaft Retention Collar

Don P Hamblen
Shaft Retention Collar Should be Standard Equipment

We have had the set screws come loose twice on the PSS stainless steel rotor despite following the installation instructions. The Shaft Retention Collar should be a standard part of the PSS Shaft Seal system for safe operation. We have added the Shaft Retention Collar this year when we replaced the bellows on the recommended 6 year maintenance cycle.

Robert Inkrot
Easy to install

High quality and easy to install