Lecomble & Schmitt

PYI Inc. offers complete Lecomble & Schmitt Autopilot Drive Systems and Hydraulic Steering Systems for powerboats, sailboats, fishing, and work crafts.

Specifically designed for luxury vessels getting regular and intensive use, Lecomble & Schmitt's range of Power Assisted Steering Systems are designed in total compliance with the strictest norms applying to marine equipment.

When the Vendée Globe fleet left Les Sables d’Olonne, more than 20 boats out of 30 were fitted with Lecomble & Schmitt hydraulic linear drive units. At the end of the race, no failure has been reported on a Lecomble & Schmitt pilot, proving that the worst sailing conditions are normal for Lecomble & Schmitt hydraulic cylinders. Linear drives 40ST16 and 50ST20 used on IMOCA 60 are the same as the 20,000 hydraulic pilots fitted on sailing boats for more than 10 years. After checking the 40ST16 linear drive used by Michel Desjoyeaux during 90% of the racing period, it was established that the drive could have done a second round the world race without maintenance required!

Linear Autopilot Drives

PYI Inc. offers complete Lecomble & Schmitt autopilot drive systems for powerboats, sailboats, fishing, and work crafts. Also available are maintenance kits that prolong the life of your autopilot drive and energy-saving devices.

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