Clamp Jackets

Clamp Jacket

Part Number: CJ51625

Put an end to exposed hose clamp tails! Clamp Jackets by PYI Inc. protect users from cuts and scrapes caused by the sharp ends of hose clamps.

Made out of durable EPDM rubber, the unique sleeve design allows the Clamp Jacket to slip over the tail of a worm gear hose clamp to provide a worker protection from cuts and abrasion from exposed clamp tails. The Clamp Jacket is ideal for a multitude of projects including marine, automotive, industrial, military and even around the house. So quit cutting yourself and get some Clamp Jackets, after all they're cheaper than Band-Aids. Used by the US Coast Guard!



- Protect a worker from cuts and scrapes against the sharp ends of hose clamps

- Gives your work a nice clean finished look with hose clamp protectors

- Provides protection to the surrounding material

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Just what I needed

Perfect, secure fit that will ensure no more cuts while working in those tight spots.

Work great!

These little jackets will save me from cuts and scrapes going forward. Well worth the time to install them


These clamp jackets work better than the original ones on mthe clamps on my boat. They fit snug and don't easily pull off. There won't be any more lost ones in the bottom of my bilge. I will definitely be buying more in the future for other engines.

Alterior Motive

I work for a boat manufacturer and we use Clamp Jackets on our products. I had an alternative use for these. My dash phone holder has two rubber fingers that hold the phone. They lasted about 3 months and the vendor wanted $12 to replace the component. The rubber finger slips onto a 5/8" protrusion. Clamp Jackets fit perfectly and were more rugged and durable than the original equipment. I notified the manufacturer of my idea. Maybe they will be in touch. Thank you!!

No more blood in the bilge!

We are so glad we discovered these PYI Clamp Jackets. Working on our sailboat engine and it’s multitudes of clamps was a sure bet for bloody knuckles, scrapes and scratches because the space and lighting is limited. These clamp jackets reduce the likelihood of that by a large margin. We will definitely be using these all over the boat, and will consider them a requirement for all of our hose clamps from here forward.

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