Universal Engine Mount Kits

Part Number: UN40584KIT

Note: Make sure your measurements match your application.

  • Universal Engine Mount Description
    • Designed for marine use, accepts propeller and engine thrust in both directions.
    • Offers a fail safe design.
    • Are height adjustable.
    • Pre-loaded to reduce movement.
    • Slotted holes in base to assist in alignment.
    • Mount types to fit all applications.

    The R&D Marine Engine Mounts are designed specifically for the rigors of marine applications. The mounts are stiff enough to absorb forward and reverse propeller thrust, yet soft enough to isolate drivetrain vibrations from the hull.

    To help increase the longevity of the mounts, all steel parts are zinc plated and pasivated to limit corrosion. The rubber component is covered by an oil shield to protect it from petroleum based products.

    R&D Marine mounts are pre-loaded based on the combined engine and transmission weight to limit engine movement. To facilitate in the ease of installation the mounts are height adjusting and the mounting holes in the base of the mount are slotted to assist in alignment of the drivetrain.

  • What's Included In This Kit?
    • Engine Mounts (4qty)
  • Technical Specifications

    Universal Engine Mount Kit Capacity Per Mount Mount Pre-Loaded Height Adjusting Thickness Max Height Stud Size Deflection
    UN40584KIT 30 - 91 lbs 0.07" 0.55" 3.9" 5/8" 0.07" - 0.14"
    UN41584KIT 70 - 171 lbs 0.07" 0.55" 3.9" 5/8" 0.07" - 0.14"
    UN37584KIT 50 - 175 lbs 0.09" 0.55" 5.38" 5/8" 0.09" - 0.21"
    UN33584KIT 190 lbs - 0.55" - 5/8" 0.065
    UN10584KIT 80 - 230 lbs 0.09" 0.55" 5.38" 5/8" 0.09" - 0.21"

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great sales support

Sales assisted for seamless return of incorrect parts. Thanks

R&D Marine Perkins 4.108 Engine Mounts

Excellent product delivered promptly as requested. However, I erred in ordering. These are not low profile mounts and we're 10 -15 mm too tall to fit my application. All other dimensions were a perfect fit. I regret that I won't be able to observe how these mounts attenuate vibration in service.


Engine Mounts - Max Load 220 - 440 lbs.

Great Improvement on the engine mounting hardware.

Very well made mounts. Company has very knowledgeable techs for any questions you may have to help you modify your current hardware to these pieces. Certainly will use this contact for future purchases.



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