Linear Autopilot Drives

Part Number: 2203063


Linear Drive selection is based on steering load. Contact PYI (425-355-3669) for assistance in determining which Linear Drive is suitable for your application.


  • Description

    Lecomble & Schmitt single rod hydraulic linear drives with integrated electrical by-pass. These are directly fitted on the quadrant. The overall compact design lets you install these on the floor, ceiling or bulkhead. Lecomble & Schmitt linear drives feature the best thrust/electrical consumption ratio on the market!

    A separate reversible power pack which can be installed where ever you desire. The linear drive kits are delivered already assembled and bled, with 1.20m of flexible tube (other lengths available on request).

    Hose connections on Lecomble & Schmitt autopilot drive.

    The Lecomble & Schmitt hydraulic linear drive already comes with hydraulic fluid. However, you will need some more down the road. Be sure to grab some Pennzoil Dex/Merc ATF, the recommended choice by Lecomble & Schmitt.

    It's very important to maintain the Lecomble & Schmitt autopilot drives. That's why we offer the Lecomble & Schmitt Maintenance Kit to help prolong the life of your autopilot drive.

    The Quick Couplings by Lecomble & Schmitt allows you to quickly disconnect and reconnect the autopilot to the tiller lever.

    The Ecopilot energy saving device was designed to meet the demand for electrical energy saving on sailboats. Power reserve on board is often very limited, however it is essential for the operation of an autopilot system.

  • Which Autopilot Drive Is For You?

    Please email or call us and we'd be happy to assist you in finding the perfect Lecomble & Schmitt Linear Autopilot drive for you. Or if you would like to figure out the actual rudder load on your own below are two ways to determine this, by using a formula or if your boat has a modern hull, by boat length.

    For boats equipped with a mechanical steering (wire ropes, cables, rack and pinion), it will be necessary to determine the following:
    – The rudder(s) torque
    – The available voltage on board (12 VDC, 24 VDC, etc.)

    Torque Calculation

    For boats fitted with a rudder with speed not exceeding 25 knots, the torque (C) of the rudder or rudders will be calculated according to the formula and correction coefficients below:

    C = S x [ (0.4 Lg) – Lc ] x V² x K

    • C = Torque in kpm
    • S = Total surface of rudder (H x Lg) in sq. m
    • H = Height of rudder in meters
    • Lg = Width of rudder in meters
    • Lc = Compensation width in meters
    • V = Maximum speed of the boat in knots
    • K = Coefficient according to total angle of rudder
      Refer to the Coefficient Chart below.

    Coefficient Chart (70° is industry standard)

    Port to starboard 70° K = 15.89
    Port to starboard 80° K = 17.80
    Port to starboard 90° K = 19.52

    Here's an example of how the formula works:

    For sailboats C x 0.5
    For boats fitted with several rudders (catamarans, trimarans, monohulls) Multiply the calculated torque result by the number of rudders fitted on the boat
    H = 1.2 m Speed under sail = 12 knots
    Lg = 0.7 m Speed with motor = 8 knots
    Lc = 0.18 S = 1.2 x 0.7 = 0.84 m2
    Torque under sail:
    (0.84 x [(0.4 x 0.7) – 0.18] x 122 x 15.89) x 0.5 =
    Torque with motor:
    0.84 x [(0.4 x 0,7) – 0.18] x 82 x 15.89 =
    Selection of the linear drives:
    Torque not exceeding 50 kpm: Linear drive type 32ST16 NEWAVE
    Torque not exceeding 100 kpm: Linear drive type 40ST16 NEWAVE
    Torque not exceeding 200 kpm: Linear drive type 50ST20 NEWAVE

    In the above example, the calculated torque is 96.11 kpm. Therefore the correct selection will be a linear drive type 40ST16 NEWAVE.

    Determining Correct Autopilot Drive By Boat Length

    Note: for sailing boats with a modern hull and balanced rudder, the selection can be made in function of the boat length as below:

    Boat Length Linear Drive Type 12v Part# 24v Part# Max. Torque
    Length not exceeding 33 feet* 32ST16 NEWAVE* 2203063 2203064 Not exceeding 50 kpm
    Length not exceeding 44 feet* 40ST16 NEWAVE* 2203066 2203067 Not exceeding 100 kpm
    Length not exceeding 60 feet* 50ST20 NEWAVE* 2203068 2203069 Not exceeding 200 kpm

    For boats exceeding 60 feet please contact us for assistance.

    *Data given as an approximation only

  • Technical Specifications

    Model 32ST16 NEWAVE 40ST16 NEWAVE 50ST20 NEWAVE
    12v Part # 2203084 2203086 2203088
    24v Part # 2203085 2203087 2203089
    Max Thrust 617 lbs
    (280 kg)
    992 lbs
    450 (kg)>
    1,543 lbs
    Weight 7.71 lbs
    (3.5 kg)
    7.71 lbs
    (3.5 kg)
    11 lbs
    (5 kg)
    A 4-23/32"
    (120 mm)
    (120 mm)
    (120 mm)
    B 22-11/64"
    (563 mm)
    (613 mm)
    (715 mm)
    C 19/32"
    (15 mm)
    (15 mm)
    (17 mm)
    D 1-13/16"
    (46 mm)
    (56 mm)
    (70 mm)
    E 8-17/64"
    (210 mm)
    (240 mm)
    (300 mm)
    F 6-11/16"
    (170 mm)
    (190 mm)
    (240 mm)
    G 6-19/64"
    (160 mm)
    (172 mm)
    (218 mm)

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