• Vertical Satdome Mount
  • Vertical Satdome Mount

Vertical Satdome Mount

  • Description

    Satdome Fitting Chart:

     Satdome Brands & Models Seaview Satdome Part #
    i3 AM-M3
    i4, k4, d4 AM-M5
    M2, M3 AM-M3
    M5, G4, FB250, Trac 50 AM-M5
    37STV AM-M3
    45STV AM-M5
    Sea King
    9818RJ, 1800HD AM-M3
    Sea Tel / Cobham
    ST14 AM-M3
    C18, C24, USAT24 AM-M5

    Optimize your satellite dome installation with this brand new Seaview satdome mount. Made from marine grade aluminum and then powder coated brilliant white. The small 8" round base is the perfect solution for when you are limited on space.

    • Seaview radar mount
    • Nylon washers

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  • Dimensions
    • 5" tall
    • 8" round base

Brand: Seaview