Top Down Riser


Part No. FTDR3

  • Description

    Ever wanted to hang your FLIR M-Series or Raymarine T-Series thermal camera upside down? Well now you can with the Seaview Top Down Riser. Or feel free to mount this right side up on the roof of your cabin.

    Unique Design

    This unique design allows you to mount your FLIR M-Series or Raymarine T-Series upside down.

    High Strength

    Made from white ABS glass filled plastic. This helps prevent the plastic from cracking in severe conditions. Ribbing is added for increased strength.

  • Dimensions

    Part #  A B C
    FTDR2 8.86" 2" 8"
    FTDR3 7.75" 1.5" 3.5"
    FTDR4 12.75" 2.4" 11.75"

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