• Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts
  • Modular Satdome Mounts

Modular Satdome Mounts

A Seaview modular Top Plate (sold separately) is required to be able to mount your marine electronic to this mount.

Brand: Seaview

  • Description

    This Seaview modular mount works with most satellite domes. The modular design allows you to add various accessories and different top plates at any point. Thus making it a cost effective choice. A top plate is required and sold separately!

    Modular Design

    The modular design allows the user to not have to replace the entire mount when a different radar or satdome is used. Instead the user can just replace the top plate.

    Small Compact Design

    Specifically designed to not take up a large amount of space results in the perfect solution where space saving is a must.

    Cable Management

    Oval hollow mast section allows for easy cable management.

  • Modular Satdome Mount Fitting Guide

    Use the chart below to find out if your satellite dome is compatible with a Seaview satdome mount.

    Aft Leaning 16" diameter or smaller satdomes - For 5", 10", 16", 24" and 36" tall mounts
    16" to 24" diameter satdomes - For the 12" and 18" tall mounts
    Forward Leaning 16" diameter or smaller satdomes
    Vertical 24" diameter or smaller satdomes
  • Modular Satdome Mount Part #'s

    Use the chart below to find the part number for a specific Seaview Radar Mount. You will need to know this when determining which Seaview Top Plate you'll need.

    Aft Leaning 5" PMA-57-M1
    Aft Leaning 10" PMA-107-M1
    Aft Leaning 12" PMA-1210-M2
    Aft Leaning 16" PMA-167-M1
    Aft Leaning 18" PMA-1810-M2
    Aft Leaning 24" PMA-247-M1
    Aft Leaning 36" PMA-367-M1
    Forward Leaning 5" PMF-57-M1
    Forward Leaning 10" PMF-107-M1
    Vertical 5" AM5-M1
    Vertical 12" AM12-M1
    Vertical 18" AM18-M1
  • Top Plate Fitting Guide

    If you have selected a modular mount ending in "M1" (ex: PMA-57-M1) use the "For M1 Mounts" column below for the correct Top Plate. Mounts ending in "M2" (ex: PMA-DM2-M2) use "For M2 Mounts" column.

    Make & Model Part #
    (For M1 Mounts)
    Part #
    (For M2 Mounts)
    20"-27" satdomes ADA-S1 ADA-S3
    i2 ADA-S1 ADA-S3
    i3 ADA-S1 ADA-S1
    i4, i4P ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    i5 ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    i6, i6P, S6HD, FB500 ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    FB150, FB250 ADA-S4 ADA-S4
    M1DX, M1, TV1 ADA-S1 ADA-S3
    M2, M3, M3DX, M3ST, V3, V3-IP, TV3 ADA-S1 ADA-S1
    M5, TV5, FB250(18") ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    M7, M7SK, HD7, TV6, FB500(26"), V7, V3-IP(24") ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    FB150(10.8"), FB250(14"), Fleet33. Fleet One ADA-S4 ADA-S4
    33STV ADA-S1 ADA-S3
    37STV ADA-S1 ADA-S1
    45STV ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    60STV ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    ST14, FX150 (16.5") ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    C18, FX250 (24") ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    FB150, FB250, Fleet 33, 33+ ADA-S4 ADA-S4
    Sailor FB500, Fleet 55+ ADA-S1 ADA-S3
    Ocean Line 132 ADA-S1 ADA-S3
    Ocean Line 337 ADA-S1 ADA-S1
    Ocean Line 345 ADA-S2 ADA-S2
    Ocean Line 360, 445, 460 ADA-S2 ADA-S2