Clamp Jacket - T-Bolt Hose Clamp

Clamp Jacket

Part No. CJT1425

  • Features
    • Protect a worker from cuts and scrapes against the sharp ends of hose clamps.
    • Gives your work a nice clean finished look with hose clamp protectors.
    • Provides protection to the surrounding material.

    Why Clamp Jackets...

    The age old problem of getting your arms and hands cut up from the sharp ends of hose clamps is no more with the Clamp Jacket. These little guys slip over the ends of hose clamps and other worm gear style clamps. Not only do these provide protection to you but they also provide great protection to the surrounding material from getting cut up. Give your work a clean "finished" look with these hose clamp protectors. Clamp Jackets can be used around the house, on your boat or car. If you work in a industrial environment protect your workers from unnecessary cuts and scrapes. "Used by the US Coast Guard"

  • Materials & Specs

    The Clamp Jacket is manufactured from EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber). EPDM is extremely resistant to weathering and performs well in brake fluids, acids, alkalies, ketones and steam (up to 300 degrees).

    This hose clamp protector has non slip grips on the sides for easy installation and removal.

    • Temperature range of -65 to +300
    • Material durometer of 70 + / -5 (Shore A)
    • Tensile strength of 14.3 MPa

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