• 475ml spray bottle of Barnacle Dissolver
  • Before and after results of Barnacle Dissolver

Barnacle Dissolver

  • Features
    • Barnacle Dissolver works to loosen and lift stubborn marine growth.
    • Effective organic salt based alternative to Hydrochloric acid.
    • Designed for cleaning Running gear (shafts, rudders, trim tabs and propellers).
    • Simply spray it on, let it sit and then lightly scrub, polish and rinse.
    • Non-corrosive to skin.
    • Safe for fiberglass and gel coat.
    • Removes less metal material than power tools.
    • Improves performance of your propeller resulting in better boat speed and fuel consumption.

    Note: Barnacle Dissolver can only ship via UPS Ground for online orders. For different shipping methods and for shipping to HI or AK please call PYI Inc. at 425-355-3669.

  • Description

    The Barnacle Dissolver was created to enable boat owners to get cost effective, professional results when cleaning propellers and running gear. Boaters can now safely and effectively remove barnacles and other stubborn marine growth from their propellers, trim tabs, shafts and rudders without the use of power tools or harsh, volatile chemicals.

    Barnacle Dissolver’s unique organic salt compound is non-corrosive to the skin and releases no noxious fumes.

    Using power tools to remove barnacles and other growth will result in a loss of metal and impact the structural integrity and balance of the propeller. Barnacle Dissolver will help increase the longevity of your propeller and other running gear.

  • Tools Needed
    • Paint scraper
    • Scotch Brite
    • 60 grit sanding sponge
    • Eye / hand protection (recommended)

    1. Rinse surface thoroughly.
    2. Coat entire surface in Barnacle Dissolver.
    3. Wait 30-45 seconds.
    4. Scrape away all marine growth.
    5. Rinse again.
    6. Re-coat surface with Barnacle Dissolver.
    7. Using Scotch Brite scrub the remaining debris away, using small circular motions.
    8. Rinse again.
    9. Re-Coat surface in Barnacle Dissolver.
    10. Polish using a 60 grit sanding sponge.
    11. Rinse away all remaining residue.

    * It is recommended that you clean one surface at a time and repeat the steps above for each surface