Velox Plus Antifouling Paint

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Part Number: 03-VG0-25

  • Description

    Velox Plus is an antifouling coating system developed to protect propellers, stern drives, shafts, outdrives, struts, jet pumps, and other metallic parts immersed in the water. Velox Plus works because of its excellent adhesion to the metal below the waterline. A unique feature of Velox Plus is that it is not degraded by galvanic currents that are typically responsible for paint detachment. Using Velox Plus will keep your propeller clean, thus increasing fuel economy and boosting vessel performance. Approximately 60% cost savings compared to "non-stick" or "release" coatings.

    Unlike current "release" coatings on the market, Velox Plus is repairable, no need to start over each time bare metals are exposed. Due to Velox Plus single part primer and no catalyst, there is absolutely no rush allowing you to take your time giving yourself a quality application. No maximum time between coats or before launching, allowing you to have a flexible schedule for when you paint. There is no waste either, the remaining Velox Plus can be used during the next haul out, saving you money. Can be used on any size boat, from small yachts to large commercial vessels.

    Velox Plus can be applied with a brush or sprayed on. DO NOT APPLY ONTO OTHER ANTIFOULING PAINTS. Velox Plus can be applied over an existing Velox Plus base coat. Two or more coats of Velox Plus are needed. Two sizes available, 0.25 or 0.50-liter cans.

    Velox Plus In Action


    These pictures show some propellers treated with Velox Plus after one year. The pictures were taken in temperate waters. Results may be different depending on the type of waters, location, and temperatures. Especially in tropical waters, or in extremely heavy fouling areas.

    Important Things You Should Know Before Applying!
    • Metal Primer from Marlin Yacht Paints must be applied to bare metal before Velox Plus can be applied!
    • Velox Plus can be applied over an existing Velox Plus base coat.
    • Read instructions before applying Metal Primer and Velox Plus.

    Dry Time (Using 68°F, primer & two coats of paint)

    Primer 3 hours
    Paint (1st coat) 3 hours
    Paint (Final coat) 12 hours
    Total Time 18 hours

    *Additional coats of paint will add 3 hours per coat unless final coat.

    Here's our recommendation on how much Velox Plus you should get per can of Metal Primer.

    Metal Primer Velox Plus
    0.25L  0.5L
    0.5L 1L

    Velox Plus MSDS Click here to download
    Velox Plus Brush Application Instructions Click here to download
    Velox Plus Spray Application Instructions Click here to download
  • Approximate Coverage

    Below is a chart of the approximate primer and paint coverage. Please note that these are approximate and actual coverage may vary.

    Coverage Per Coat Number of Coats Specific Gravity
    50 - 100 sq. ft.  2 - 3 1.20 - 1.30

    *Two or more coats of Velox Plus are needed.

    Propeller Approximate Liters
    16" four-blade propeller 1/8 liter for each coat
    30" four-blade propeller 1/4 liter for each coat
    40" four-blade propeller 1/2 liter for each coat

    Other Coverage
    • Flat surfaces, trim tab, and rudder coverage are approximately 10 square meters (107 sq.ft) per liter.
    • Propeller or stern drive coverage is approximately 5 square meters (53 sq.ft) per liter.
  • Shipping Info
    • Can only ship UPS Ground
    • Cannot ship to California
    • Cannot ship to Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
James Shaw
Zincs and service info

Great service. Good follow up. Very helpful

Robert Smith
Prop Protection

If it works as good as you say I would up that to 5 stars, it was simple and easy to apply, follow the step by step, nothing to it, I was fortunate in that my bottom job contractor sanded the prop for me, I cleaned and painted.

Paul Stone

So far so good

John Rapp
Friendly, knowledgeable service every time!


Benoit Rolland

Velox Plus Antifouling Paint

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