• Velox Plus - Metal Primer
  • Velox Plus - Metal Primer

Velox Plus - Metal Primer

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  • Velox Metal Primer is...

    Metal Primer by Marlin Yacht Paints is specially formulated to adhere perfectly to stainless steel, bronze or aluminum. Follow the instructions exactly for a good result. Metal Primer must be applied to bare metal before Velox Plus can be applied. Only one coat of Velox Metal Primer needed! DO NOT APPLY ONTO OTHER ANTIFOULING PAINTS. Two sizes available, 0.25 or 0.50 liter cans.

    How Much Metal Primer & Velox Plus Should I Get?

    Below is our recommendation on how much Velox Plus you should get per can of Metal Primer.

    Metal Primer Velox Plus
     0.25L 0.5L
    0.5L 1L

    Download the Velox Plus MSDS here.

    Please read the application instructions thoroughly before painting. You can view the Velox Plus application instructions here.

    Coverage Per Coat Number of Coats Specific Gravity
    50 - 100 sq. ft.  2 - 3 1.20 - 1.30

    *Only one coat of Velox Metal Primer is needed.

    Dry Time (Using 68°F, primer & two coats of paint):

    Primer 3 hours
    Paint (1st coat) 3 hours
    Paint (Final coat) 12 hours
    Total Time 18 hours

    *Additional coats of paint will add 3 hours per coat unless final coat.

  • Shipping Info
    • Can only ship UPS Ground
    • Cannot ship to California
    • Cannot ship to Canada

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